What are the specifications for the design of food packaging bags?

What is a food packaging bag, the packaging bag will come into contact with food, and it is a packaging film used to contain food and protect food? Generally speaking, packaging bags are made of one layer of film material, food packaging bags can reduce the damage of food during transportation, and each food packaging bag has different styles and types, which can be easily divided into Commodity categories, some special specifications need to be paid attention to when designing food packaging bags.

1. Strength requirements

Packaging can prevent food from being damaged by various external forces, such as pressure, shock, vibration, etc., during storage and stacking. There are many factors that affect the strength of food packaging design, including transportation methods (such as automobiles, airplanes, etc.), stacking forms (such as the need for multi-layer stacking), and environmental factors, including natural climate and sanitation.

2. Barrier requirements

The barrier is one of the important attributes in food packaging design. During the storage process of many foods, due to poor packaging design, it is easy to cause food quality problems. Barrier requirements for packaging design are determined by the characteristics of the food itself. Its characteristics include external barrier, internal barrier or selective barrier, etc., such as air, water, grease, light, microorganisms, etc.

3. Breathing requirements

There are many foods that retain their respiratory function during storage. Therefore, the food packaging bag design material or container has air permeability or can control breathing, so as to achieve the purpose of keeping fresh.

4. External requirements

When designing food packaging bags, it is also necessary to pay attention to some external requirements and to reflect the characteristics of the goods through packaging, all of which are the external visualization and expression forms and means of food.

5. Safety requirements

There are also safety requirements in the design of packaging bags, including hygiene safety, handling safety, etc., and also need to reflect the safety of use. The health and safety part mainly means that the materials used in the packaging bags should be environmentally friendly and hygienic, rather than some materials that will cause human harm. In terms of packaging design technology, the nutrition, color, and taste of processed food should be kept unchanged as much as possible, and the safety of consumers after shopping should also be included. The use of safety is to ensure that consumers are not harmed during the process of opening and eating.

Of course, in addition to the above, there are many inherent requirements in the design of food packaging bags, such as heat resistance requirements, light resistance requirements, crush resistance requirements, moisture resistance requirements, etc., and the outer packaging of food can also be used as food packaging. As a way of publicity, on the outer packaging, we can reflect the characteristics of the food, the way of eating, and various nutrients, etc., so as to promote the product.

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