What are the most popular products made of kraft paper?

What are the most popular products made of kraft paper? Kraft paper has become an environmentally friendly packaging trend and is an alternative material to disposable plastic packaging products.

1. Paper boxes

Kraft paper boxes are tough, strong, and resilient. Beautifully designed and modern, they are the material for many brands of “gift boxes” for their premium and convenient packaging product lines.

Currently, boxes are available in many different designs and sizes to meet your needs whether you are doing business in fashion, food or cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc. The two most commonly named typical types are as follows.

Tissue boxes with handles: convenient handle designs designed specifically for storing food and food products, such as coffee boxes, tea boxes, and mooncake boxes.

Handle-less tissues box: a luxury design for shoes, clothes, fashion accessories, and other products.

2. Paper bag

Similar to paper boxes, bags made of kraft paper are also very popular. You can use it to store bread, dried fruit, candy, clothes, etc. It is a perfect alternative to traditional plastic bags.

Besides being tough, bags made of thin kraft paper also have the advantages of high durability and cost-saving. In addition, kraft paper has high ink adhesion, and the printed image does not get dirty and provides a high visual effect.

In particular, paper bags are inexpensive and come in a variety of designs and sizes. Companies can print on demand, which is perfect for marketing programs, advertising campaigns, and branding.

3. Business cards

The advantage of a very different surface compared to the rest of the paper. The slight roughness and the natural texture of kraft paper are perfect for business cards.

Not to mention, kraft paper also has a superb “ink absorption” ability, so personal information, businesses and companies will be printed clearly.

4. Paper cups

The habit of using disposable plastic cups has caused serious environmental pollution. In addition, they can be deformed and melt if stored hot. Containers made from recycled paper can completely overcome these limitations.

Kraft paper cups are strong, water-resistant, and combine a heat- and gas-resistant PE plastic coating. The cups are easy to print with beautiful graphics, logos, and slogans.

Therefore, kraft paper cups can be used for both hot drinks (hot coffee, hot tea, hot cocoa ……) and cold drinks (milk tea, smoothies, sherbets ……), which are not harmful to health.

5. Kraft paper bowls

Disposable kraft paper bowls containing river noodles, congee, and vermicelli are used a lot in restaurants and picnics. Especially suitable for takeaway or delivery purposes.

The product line comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from 4 ounces to 36 ounces. Beautiful design and heat resistant up to 110 degrees Celsius. You can choose the right bowl for your purpose.

6. Cartons

The demand for transporting goods is increasing and cartons made of kraft paper are the solution to help companies easily transport goods to customers.

In addition to the function of protecting goods from impact damage and breakage, cartons made of brand logos can be printed to promote the brand.

7. Envelopes, cover documents

Products made of kraft paper are relatively thick, very strong, and easy to open and close. Used as the packaging of letters or documents, resumes look very sincere and plain.

Usually, envelopes made of white, pink, and yellow-brown kraft paper are the most popular.

8. Other office publications

Kraft paper has a classic look typical of light yellow or brown. notebooks, letterheads, calendars, flyers, etc. made from this paper are always attractive to young people.

Kraft paper has proven to have many outstanding advantages and can be called the “green packaging solution” for modern life. I hope this article is useful to you. At the same time, contribute to protecting the living environment to become greener – cleaner – more beautiful.

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