The right color palette makes the gift box more attractive

Packaging gift boxes are in many cases the outer packaging of a commodity and are extremely valued by everyone. For this reason, it is required to be a high-end atmosphere and meet the aesthetics of the public. This depends on color matching and proportioning, and the meaning attached to the pattern and text needs to be expressed.

  The important thing is the hue of the packaging gift box, the hue is the total tendency of the color configuration on the screen, a total tone is a group of colors of the main color and the dominant printing technology in the whole picture. Packaging requirements in the distance of the storage shelves from the instant visual prominence, to convey product information, which requires a high sense of the overall tone to match.

  For this reason, the core of packaging color matching is the hue design equipment supplies. Tone design requires consistency with the main function of the goods. Tone design requires consistency with the times, with different regions, different nationalities on the color of the likes and dislikes, to be able to adapt to this change, in line with the current trend.

  Secondly, it is the color contrast and set off each other. Two contrasting colors are called contrasting colors, the difference in brightness, leaves a sharp, strong contrast feeling, and color only through the contrast can correctly express the brand image.

  There is a contrast, there will be coordination. Two similar colors are called harmonious color printing tools. Color harmony gives people a kind of euphemism, rich, elegant, joyful, comfortable feeling.

  Another important point about color is the rhythm. The public often says that music has a rhythm, why color also exists in the rhythm? Rhythm is an important factor in the composition of the picture form, expressed in the picture there are many changes, such as strength, darkness, rigidity, softness, reality, etc., these contradictions between the two sides of the alternating changes, not simply repeat, but a variety of forms of rhythmic movement, it is not only repetition, and development, all aspects of interdependence, mutual promotion, showing the harmony of nature.

  The basic requirement of packaging color matching is to deal with the relationship between change and consistency, seeking change in consistency, seeking consistency in change, which is the so-called color rhythm.

  The color matching of packaging gift boxes is extremely delicate, and it is not a simple image that can come up with new ideas at once, it needs to go through repeated deliberation and mature control of the color aspect. To put the packaging design is never a one-time thing.

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