luxury tote bag

The high-grade white garment paper bag is made of art paper. Due to the different production processes, the art paper has a clear texture, good stiffness and wear resistance. The pure white bag body is matched with a golden bronzing logo. The printing process is excellent, although the elements Simple, yet luxurious. It brings an attractiveness to people and can better set off the grade of the product itself.

The white cotton rope handle complements the box body, making the packaging look more layered. Reinforcing boards are added to the top and bottom to enhance the bearing capacity of the paper bag.

Material: art paper
Process: bronzing, embossing
Size: customization(CM)(L x W x H)
MOQ: 5000 per item, set separately

The logo of the tote bag is made of 3D three-dimensional punching and bronzing process, which has a three-dimensional visual effect. The large-area logo bronzing process makes this tote bag show the quality.

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