How much do you know about the concept and material of electronic product packaging boxes?

Today in the new century, we have entered the era of electronic intelligent technology. More and more electronic products flood into all aspects of people’s lives. At this time, electronic product packaging boxes also began to slowly enter people’s eyes. We know that the emergence of new things means that there are also old things obsolete. Survival of the fittest is an eternal law. So how much do you know about the concept and materials of electronic product packaging boxes for electronic product packaging?


The concept of electronic product packaging box:

1. There are many types and characteristics of electronic product packaging boxes.

A. First of all, a good electronic product packaging needs to have appearance and application materials that attract consumers;

B. The handling is simple and has the effect of protecting the product.

C. For the space dimension design of the electronic product packaging box. This is a very important point.

2. Electronic product packaging box refers to the general name of containers, materials, and auxiliary functions used in accordance with certain technical methods for electronic products in the process of circulation to protect products, facilitate transportation, and promote sales.

Electronic product box material:

Our common electronic products are MP3, U disk or mobile phone box. Most of these products are made of 157-210g coated paper or matte paper, and need to be mounted with 800-1200g double-gray board, cloth paper, or other colored special craft paper. For printing: Four-color printing is often used, and spot colors (special gold or special silver) can be printed. Back-end process: need light glue, matte glue, partial UV, embossing, hot platinum (there are metal texture films in gold, silver, sapphire blue, and other colors to choose from) or anti-counterfeiting film (to make it difficult for others to imitate), The inner mounting paper is 157g coated paper, without printing.

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