Boutique flat-folding gift box Internet celebrity in the gift box industry

In the past two years, in the boutique gift box industry, the most popular one must be the non-folding gift box. It can be said that the boutique folding gift box has become an internet celebrity in the gift box industry.

The boutique folding gift box is not only used by manufacturers, but also by consumers. The most important thing is its unique box-shaped design, which can be folded in one second, is easy to use, and fashion pioneer! Anyone who sees it finds it very interesting, and can’t help but take a second look.

Boutique folding gift boxes can greatly save transportation costs and storage costs! The volume of about 8 folding gift boxes is equivalent to the volume of 1 ordinary gift box! It is the perfect solution for products with limited space and long-distance transportation.

The boutique folding gift box has strong pressure resistance and is not easy to be damaged! The folding gift box is unfolded and placed in one piece, so there is an image called a one-piece folding gift box, which is easy to pack, suitable for transportation, has strong compression resistance, and is not easy to be damaged or deformed!

The scope of application of the boutique folding gift box is very wide, especially for the packaging of soft goods and small boutique packaging. Such as baby products, shoes, and clothing, soft toys, feminine care products, home textiles, knitted products, mobile phones, small electronic products, red wine, tea, health care products, etc. The folding box is very convenient to use. When not in use, it can be unfolded and laid flat, and when the product is folded, it becomes a boutique gift box (with its magnet).

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