A high-end gift box packaging design needs to have three roles: protection, beauty, and circulation

What is the role of a product’s packaging box?

When we buy a product, have we ever come across a scene where we like the box so much that we are impressed by it and buy the product? I think there should have been something similar to happen. In fact, in an era where aesthetics are becoming more and more popular when we are shopping, whether the packaging of a product looks good or not will have a great impact on our purchase decision. When consumers do not know the goods very well, they are often given priority by the good-looking design of the gift box to attract the eye, because people are fond of beautiful things, good-looking product packaging visual effects will also better highlight the value of the goods in the box. And what is the specific performance of our product packaging boxes?

First, Protection

A product box needs to have shock absorption, anti-extrusion, and anti-wear functions, to ensure the safety integrity of our products. Our products in the process of transportation, no matter how there will be bump phenomenon, it is easy to lead to product wear and tear, and our gift boxes are used to install the product and protect the gift will not be damaged by external factors, the box is acting as a bodyguard nature, effective low-grade damage to prevent various chemical forms of accidents.

Second, beautiful

A product packaging design is very temperament and value are easy to jump out in many competing products, to catch the eye of consumers, and ultimately increase consumer purchase intentions. Of course, a good gift box does not only need value, we also need to take into account some small details when designing the gift box, we need to start from the perspective of consumer experience, only really convenient to the consumer thoughtful details of the design to finally give consumers a good impression, and even deeper to help establish brand influence.

Third, circulation

A good gift packaging box should also be convenient for circulation and consumer carry. Many people may think that this is a bit beyond the scope of packaging design and belongs to the interactive design, but a good gift box packaging design needs to take these factors into account, the packaging is for the product service is also for the consumer service, the consumer is the final user of the gift box. When doing the box design, we should consider whether it is convenient and safe to store, transport, and use in various environments and carry by consumers, to reduce losses.

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